Project omschrijving



Marleen van wijngaarden, Leiden 1966, lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Previous paintings of Van Wijngaarden often avoided any one-point perspective. In her latest work, she examines the expressive possibilities of the relief in painting.

The angularity of the relief itself in various forms is shown in the relation to the ‘flat’ character of the paint stroke. The inspiration for the Plastic Number, an important mathematical constant in architecture, is palpable in her choices. Customized systems are universal and general, interventions and adaptations make them personal.

By manipulating the pattern only minimally she creates ‘a disturbance in the field,’ which changes the illusion of space and movement: by moving it along one experiences perspective shifts. The work looks hermetic and accessible:

a twin phenomenon. Van Wijngaarden is able to conceive a new structure in which movement and composition express her vision, resulting in abstractions of urban sprawl with an almost musical rhythm.