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Aji V.N.

Curriculum Vitae

1968 Born in Kallissery, Kerala, India
1986-1991 College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum (BFA in Painting)
1991 Working period at Canoria Centre of Art, Ahmadabad
1992-1995 College of Art, Delhi (MFA in Painting)
1996-1997 Lecturer in the Department of Painting at the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum
2001-2002 Werkbeurs (grant from Foundation for Visual Arts, The Netherlands)
2003 Basisstipendium (grant from Foundation for Visual Arts, The Netherlands)

The work of Aji V.N. has an archetypical character. His drawings are symbols, without being pedantic. In one stilled moment, they capture the distressing side of our existence: our fragility and the fallibility of our ambition. Even the most intoxicating beauty, such as that of plants in full flower, will fade. When art offers an escape route from this dilemma (ars longa, vita brevis!) , Aji V.N. knows just how to make use of it. From the old worlds that he has combined in his work he digs out images that he adds again as new ones. Aspects from Occidental and Oriental cultures not only converge because he personally bridges the distance between the cultures, but also because he, as an artist, treads in the footsteps of his precursors while giving that work an idiosyncratic sequel. Images and narratives from the history of art and literature radiate in his drawings; but they are now different in someway. It is as if the memory, with its entire mixture of longings and recollections, is again opened up.

Quote from a text by Wilma Sütö; ‘A flexible mind, proficient over boundaries of place and times.
The drawings of Aji V.N.’.