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An introduction to MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY a kunstpodium for contemporary mural painting

MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY is an Art podium with an unique mission. We question the role of mural painting in the present time. With well-curated (thematic) exhibitions we show the high quality that contemporary mural painting has to offer.

We work with muralists who have a strong view of mural painting as an art form and are always exploring new perspectives and senses.

We represent renowned muralists as well as a new generation of urban artists.

In addition to thematic mural shows in which several wall specialists will be asked to contribute, there will also be an interesting peripheral program on offer. Keep an eye on our website and social media networks.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Abundance and expanse of mural painting

MURALS Inc. THE GALLERY shows murals in their unlimited versatility. Both the history of murals and all contemporary expressions are so rich in meaning and say so much about the time in which they were created that a kunstpodium for this art form is no more than a natural consequence.
THE GALLERY intends to pay particular emphasis to the following artistic movements and expressions: Grafitti, Post-Graffiti, Lettering, Post Writing, Public-Murals, Text-Based Art, Machine Painting, Supergraphics, Freestyle Painting, Contemporary Graffiti, Urban Art, Drone Painting, Post Futurism, Constructivism, Minimalism, Reductive Art, Balloon Writing, Asemic Graffiti, Calligraffiti, Abstract Vandalism and more.
By means of an interesting and playful peripheral programming, the background and context of contemporary mural painting will be explored in greater depth.

Floor plan THE GALLERY

Just like our previous space, this one is even more suitable for exhibitions and peripheral programming. In particular, the entry area has high large walls, perfect for murals. The entire space is 600 m2, because of its specific architecture, muralists can indulge themselves.